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About Prime Ventures

Prime Ventures is small business advisory boutique based in Tallinn, Estonia. We work with limited amount of customers whom we support not only with brains but also with our hearts! Our operations are active (but not limited to) in Finland and the Baltic States, Russia, Ukraine and Bulgaria. We help customers excel in three distinct areas:

Investment Projects

Finding opportunities and packaging them into an investment plan worth going for

Export Development

Finding for you new international markets and developing optimal entry strategy

Business Training

Giving your managers knowledge and skills how to be better and achieve more

Investment Projects

Every year we get involved (directly or as strategy consultants) in maximum 2 investment projects. Currently we are working on one investment project - establishing a production unit in Bulgaria. The areas in which we have experience, competence and keen interest:
1. Russia, manufacturing & services
A country of 140 million people can not sustain an economic model based on producing and exporting only raw materials. There is number of underdeveloped business areas, particularly manufacturing and services, in which one finds very good business opportunities. More on the topic:

2. Ukraine
The country’s economy and business environment might be somewhat challenging but do you want to miss a market of 40 million people. Being the first mover brings numerous advantages (Zashev & Edhard = that, especially when based on realistic risk assessment, may generate excellent business

3. Bulgaria
Do you need an EU manufacturing base with i) low costs ii)educated labor and iii) close to key EU markets? Bulgaria might be your right choice! Sofia was recently recognized by Forbes magazine to be within the top 10 locations to launch a high-tech start-up.

Prime Ventures East

Prime Ventures East is a Linkedin group (Prime Ventures East) where we share and discuss different investment opportunities in Eastern Europe and the CIS countries. The group is closed and invite only.

Export Development

Prime Ventures builds on more than 20 years of experience in assisting small and medium sized companies from Finland, Russia, Austria, Bulgaria and Ukraine boost their exports. Every year we assist maximum 4 companies. At present we are involved with two customers - an Ukrainian IT company looking for business opportunities in Europe and a Finnish manufacturer looking for possibilities to decrease the Russian share in its exports. The key phases through which we go together with our customers are:
1. Strategy
Before any action one must think of the many questions and answers that will shape your export strategy. What is the starting point? Competitive advantages? Available resources? Timeframe and expectations? What will be the best (next) export market? What we know about the local, competitive landscape? What will be the optimal way to enter it? What needs to be done to see it happen?

2. Marketing
Who is the target group? What is the pricing policy? What set of marketing materials is needed? What are the right sales pitch and unique selling points? Are they adjusted to the specifics of local culture? Do we use the right language?

3. Match making
Being the final part of our assistance, it builds on the previous two. Without them even when finding a match it is difficult to be solid and convincing! In match making we find the right decision makers, check their interest and feedback and select those we find to be the most perspective future buyers/partners.

Business Training

There is growing evidence that the success of companies is directly dependent on the quality of their top management and its leadership skills in:

  • strategic foresight
  • excellent communication
  • change management
  • team building
  • cross-cultural management

    We have been involved in executive education trainings and programs for the last 15 years. Within the Nordic countries any involvement is exclusively part of the Stockholm School of Economics executive education network.

    Do we share similar values and beliefs when it comes to leadership? Find out by checking to what extent you will identify with the following selection of quotes:
  • He who stops being better stops being good.
    Oliver Cromwell

    If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.
    John Quincy Adams

    Vision without action is a daydream. Action with without vision is a nightmare.
    Japanese proverb

    Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
    Henry Ford

    Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.
    Winston Churchill

    More compassionate mind, more sense of concern for other's well-being, is source of happiness.
    Dalai Lama

    Most of the successful people I've known are the ones who do more listening than talking.
    Bernard Baruch

    It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.
    Mark Twain

    Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.
    Winston Churchill

    May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.
    Nelson Mandela

    Peter Zashev is a Program Director at Hanken & SSE Executive Education and an Adjunct Professor at the Saint Petersburg State University in Russia.

    Peter has more than 15 years of experience in executive education as a trainer and program director. Peter also has considerable practice as an international consultant working on projects for the private (international business strategy and marketing) and the public sector (international projects with UNCTAD, the EU and GIZ). Peter’s interests and areas of expertise include international business & entrepreneurship, emerging markets, leadership, change management, business and cross-cultural communications. His cross-cultural skills are enhanced by the fact that Peter was born in Bulgaria, lived and has business interests in Russia, works in Finland and lives in Estonia. Peter speaks Bulgarian, English, Finnish and Russian.

    More info:
    Executive education affiliation:
    Business experience & expertise:

    Change management

    Key topics
    The change management workshop is build around the Harvard Business School Professor John Kotter 8 step change model.
  • Why do companies and leaders need to constantly change?
  • Why do employees resist change?
  • How and what should be done in order to gear the organization into a change mode?
  • How do we communicate change?
  • How to we know if and when change is accepted and appreciated?
  • Mechanics and techniques of the process.
    * Also could be integrated with the Change Pro business simulation.
  • The making of a leader

    Key topics
  • What is the difference between manager and a leader?
  • What really leaders do?
  • Leadership and organizational culture?
  • What are the characteristics of good leadership?
  • Building leadership development map & plan
  • The power of positive thinking

    Key topics
  • The hard value of a soft topic
  • Success brings happiness or the other way around?
  • Leaders, employees positive thinking and corporate performance
  • Positive thinking: genetics or habits?
  • Gearing minds for peak performance
  • Delegating

    Key topics
  • Why are we afraid to delegate to our subordinates?
  • Why are our subordinates not eager to be delegated?
  • How important is trust?
  • Is delegation empowerment?
  • What are the criteria for delegating tasks?
  • From control to monitoring
  • Business communications

    Key topics
  • Typical communication mistakes
  • The art of talking and listening
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • The efficient meeting – preparing, narrating and conducting successful business meetings
  • E-mailing habits – empowering or enslaving
  • Dealing with conflicts
  • Target based presentations – how to prepare and make an inspiring business presentation (available also as a 1 day training)
  • Target based presentations

    Key topics
  • Why do we see so often boring presentations?
  • Benchmarking successes and failures
  • Why do we do presentations?
  • How to prepare and structure good presentation?
  • The art of visualization and performance.
  • Let’s try it together!
  • International business strategy

    Length and target audience: this is half day or 1 day training targeted after business owners and company leaders with great interest in the opportunities offered by global markets but limited experience in international business.

    Key topics
  • Seeing the opportunity is not taking it – what are the typical mistakes of companies going abroad?
  • What do established internationalization theories tell us about our future international business strategy?
  • What are the intra-company requirements for successful international business?
  • What are the different international business strategies with their pros and cons?
  • What would be the ingredients of basic but successful international marketing?
  • From planning to doing – timing, sequence and action plan.
  • Cross-cultural communications

    Length and target audience: this is half day or 1 day training targeted after managers and leaders with growing present or future exposure to foreign business colleagues, clients and/or partners.

    Key topics
  • The dual nature of national stereotypes
  • Different cross-cultural business models and theories: how do they help us systematically decipher different behavioral styles?
  • Cross-cultural communications in action: negotiating, leading and working with foreign colleagues?
  • What are the adjustments we need to make in order to become more successful when working in an international environment?
  • Global mega-trends

    Key topics
  • What are the most important global mega trends?
  • What they mean for the world economy?
  • What they mean for your country, domestic and international markets?
  • What they mean for your company as both opportunities and challenges?
  • What is their impact on the way leaders build vision and strategy?
  • Natalia Kravchenko, HR Manager, at Paroc Russia‬ / May 2015

    I am pleased to recommend Peter Zashev as reliable and professional partner in the sphere of corporate training and personnel development in the Russian and European companies.
    Paroc company has faced an important task of fast productivity accumulation and overall performance of the enterprise started in 2013 in Russia. For the purpose of supplying a "young" management team and group of key employees with the main execution skills and leadership competences based on strategy and values, an expanded training and development program was realized by Paroc together with Hanken & SSE; Peter acted as Program Director and main business trainer of the program.

    Following the results of the work which was carried out by Peter the participants of the program acquired a system of knowledge and abilities on strategic thinking, the main leadership skills, effective execution and business communication in cross-cultural environment for successful achievement of the targets and tasks facing the company.

    During our cooperation Peter showed high level of own qualification in carrying out training and consulting support, a practical orientation and adaptation to requirements of the customer. I would especially like to remark Peter's positive spirit, dynamism and sense of humour, his individual approach to each participant, ability to inspire on success, on search of new decisions and to "charge" a group with energy of achievements. Peter, thanks for the program and given impulse!

    Natalia Petukhova, Manager, Corporate University at Sibur / April 2015

    I highly recommend Peter as one of the best trainers and consultants I've ever work with. I've first met him a year ago when he held an HR-conference for SIBUR HR-leaders. Peter is a great speaker and trainer for any topics like change-management, strategic leadership, company strategy and etc. He has a strong competitive advantage in understanding both European and Russian culture and can find the right ballance for any audience. And he is a really nice person to work with. He understands your requests and needs very well and transforms them into a great agenda easily. And it's such a pleasure to communicate with him! He is such a great catch for any session as his presentation and facilitation skills are absolutely excellent and he makes leaders to think about future! ‬

    Simo Laitala, Ex-Managing Director at OOO Tikkurila, Russia / April 2014

    Got to know Peter in 2010, when I organised leadership course to senior management in the company that I was heading at that time. ‬

    I have never seen so inspiring, talented person like Peter, who is able to speak hours and still able to maintain 100% interest and focus of the audience. He is able to use very practical cases in his leadership presentations in order to make the issues fully understandable for Russians, also understanding both Russian and European cultures. ‬Peter is one of those persons that you will remember after attending his coaching events.‬‬‬

    Bogdan Khalyapin‬‬‬ ,CEO and Co-Owner, SPD-Ukraine Co.‬ / January 2015‬‬‬

    С Петером познакомился в Киеве на его семинаре посвященном особенностям выхода на рынки ЕС. ‬Впечатляюще! У Петера богатый личный и бизнес-опыт, знание особенностей культуры и менталитета народов Европы и России. Он умеет подать материал и вдохновить, выделить важное и взглянуть на известные факты под новым углом. Если добавить его прекрасное чувство юмора и легкость обще...more‬

    Oleg Zakov‬‬‬, VP Sales at Fazer Russia‬ / April 2014

    Опыт работы в западной бизнес школе, отличное знание менталитета россиян, великолепное чувство юмора и умение работать с аудиторией делают тренинги Петера исключительно ценными для российских сотрудников как западных, так и отечественных компаний разных отраслей экономики.‬‬‬‬

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